Shooting Threat Leads to Lockdown at Seagoville High School

Police cars parked outside Seagoville High School on Monday after school officials were alerted to a "shooting threat" wrote on a restroom mirror. (Photo: Facebook)

SEAGOVILLE – A writing on a restroom mirror that was deemed a credible threat led to a lockdown at Seagoville High School on Monday morning.

Students allegedly found a message that said “School Shooting at 12:00” written on a school mirror and was signed “Killer.”

The situation became even more tense when an alleged Seagoville High School student posted a photo of a handgun on social media and indicated he was inside the school armed, and prepared to defend himself.

Although numerous nervous parents rushed to the high school campus on Seagoville Road to pick up their children, there was never an active shooter and just a threat of potential violence directed at the school.

The student who allegedly wrote the threat on the restroom mirror was identified, and the school returned to its normal schedule at 1:00 p.m.

A long line of parents wait outside Seagoville High School on Monday after the school went on lockdown after a student allegedly wrote a shooting threat on a restroom mirror. (Photo: Facebook)

“I about had a heart attack cause my kid not answer and she is pregnant,” wrote a mother on Facebook.

“I know that must be scary,” replied a woman. “But as I know, everything is fine.”

A former student had an ominous warning for parents who have kids attending Seagoville High School.

“For future reference, kids at Seagoville (High School) do keep guns in their vehicles on campus,” wrote the former student. “At least 20 armed teenage boys there everyday my senior year. Gun threats aren’t always a joke or a reason to go home early, especially not at Seagoville (High School).”

Seagoville High School has been a magnet for school threats and violence in recent years.

In 2019, two students were arrested and nobody was injured in a shooting outside of Seagoville High School.

In 2017, A Seagoville High School teacher was arrested after he allegedly threatened to kill his coworkers and school staff if he didn’t receive a raise.

In 2013, a 21-year-old Balch Springs man was arrested after posting threats on his Facebook page regarding a potential “mass murder” at Seagoville High School.


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