Supply Chain Shortages Impact Dallas ISD Food and Child Nutrition Services School Meals


DALLAS – Unprecedented food and paper goods supply chain shortages may cause changes to Dallas ISD school menus with little or no advance notice. Until the supply chain issues are rectified, it may not be possible for the district to serve the scheduled menu each day at every school throughout the school year.

“Students will always have meals to eat, although what is served on a given day may not precisely match our printed/planned menus”, said Michael Rosenberger, Executive Director of Food & Child Nutrition Services at Dallas ISD. Rosenberger also mentioned Dallas ISD is facing shortages of oatmeal and specialty breads, among other products.

Due to effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, severe climate events, and disruptions to the global and national trade networks, all businesses in the food industry – from restaurants to distributors and wholesalers to grocery stores – are facing shortages, price increases and limited availability of certain items.

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