Dallas PD Beat: Police Alerts Drivers to Slow Down or Face Fines and Tickets


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DALLAS – Many police departments across the country are seeing an uptick in road rage incidents. Dallas area highways have become increasingly congested and dangerous with more vehicles traveling at high speeds and more road-rage incidents being reported.

Aggressive driving has become commonplace, which has led to aggressive acts being committed. These actions will increase the likelihood of motorists becoming victims of crimes. The Dallas Police Department encourages motorists to slow down, don’t drink and drive, and obey all traffic laws.

Over the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend, and throughout the coming months, the Dallas Police Department will maintain an increased presence on local freeways. Targeted enforcement efforts will be made on those subjects who are speeding, suspected of driving while intoxicated, and committing aggressive driving.

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Stepped-up enforcement of the state’s Transportation Code is a key component of the Dallas Police Department’s goal of creating safer roadways and decreasing the number of victims of highway-related incidents.

Dallas PD Beat is a weekly feature at SeagovilleNews.com that highlights reports by the Dallas Police Department’s Media Relations Unit.

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