Crandall High School Principal Jared Miller Recognized for Leadership During the Pandemic


CRANDALL – Culture Cre8ion recently celebrate and recognize school leaders who courageously led during the pandemic. Among those being honored is Crandall High School principal, Jared Miller.

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Miller, a first-year principal, joined Crandall ISD in June of last year. He served courageously, taking the lead among our district principals during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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During his first few weeks on the job, CISD was returning to face-to-face instruction during summer school, after almost two months of closure. He planned class schedules for no more than 10 students per teacher. Hallway flows, water fountains, cafeteria routines, handwashing, and cleaning hard surfaces were also part of COVID protocols he put together for our principals.

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Dr. Holly Keown, CISD Chief of Staff, spoke very highly of Miller, saying he “had lofty shoes to fill, replacing a principal who served the district for 28 years. He built connections with students and staff quickly to provide a culture of loyalty, approachability and engagement.”

Source: Crandall ISD

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